There are a few (and I mean a few) projects where everything comes together to create an incredible experience and flawless shoot.  This was one of them.

I traveled out to San Diego, CA to film a story piece for YouVersion with MMA Champion, Michael Chandler.  I was tagging along with Nick Dillard and Charles Molleur – both of whom are responsible for the magic you’re about to see below.  When you’re given a world-class fighter, a gym to use as you will, a C300 Mark II, and two incredibly talented film-makers, you’re bound to walk away with gold.  And that’s exactly what happened. We spent 2 days crafting a piece for the Bible App that I’m really excited to share soon.

On a side note, Michael couldn’t have been a better guy to film.  He’s an incredible fighter, but what really stood out was seeing how great of a husband and Christ follower he is.  He’s the best at what he does, and knows he’s been given a gift and a platform to share a how Jesus is a huge part of his life. All around great dude.

Below are some screen grabs from what we walked away with.