Back in July, Michelle and I made our way to Austin, TX with our new little family addition.  We were pretty excited for the trip; it was our first road trip with the new guy, and we were going to get to be a part of a wedding for a couple of people we loved.  What we didn’t expect was how much we would love the trip. Granted, by the last leg of the driving part of the trip, Truett had officially won out in exhausting his parents, but we still left the weekend with feelings of joy.  We both agreed that we had never been to or witnessed a wedding so perfect.  Sure, we’d been to weddings that were bigger, more exotic, and elaborately planned…but almost all of those lacked what Clark and Hillary exude: passion.  I’ve never left a wedding that I have filmed feeling more energized, excited, and…frankly…more in love with my wife than I did when we closed the car door after the last camera bag was loaded.

I don’t think Clark or Hillary intend to do this, but their genuine love for life and each other is one that honestly inspires me.  When I walk away from either one of them, I want to laugh more, care less, and love freely.  Both of them have the power to do that individually; and when you experience them together…the combination is lethal!

Needless to say, this film is easily my favorite one to date.  I loved reliving the day through the editing, and I hope that you get a taste of what those of us who attended experienced.  Love these two.  Enjoy!

Additionally:  check out their Wedding Trailer, or killer wedding photos from Carl Zoch!

Music licensed through The Music Bed.


  • Jonathan,

    What an amazing video!!!! You captured our perfect day perfectly!!! You could feel the happiness and joy that permeated the entire day. Thank you for all your hard work and care you put into this film…… And thank you for the incredibly kind words spoken about my kids!!
    You are truly gifted!!


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